This is my power! And my responsibility-- to watch over and JUDGE YOU ALL!
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       Only if you keep the insults to yourself next time.

I never insulted you!

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Send me a ✎ and I’ll do a quick sketch of your muse!

Jesus christ there are so many lines on Spider-Man stupid scrawny body




"You could’ve made an appointment…"


"That’s a good one, Pete. You almost 
had me there for a moment, too.”

"I— [He KNOWS?]
 Yes, of course. I’m all about jokes.
 That’s what I, Spider-Man, do.”



"I’m sorry, what part of ‘I don’t need your gross Spider-help’ do you not understand?" She frowned. "And golly, you don’t have to be so rude.”

"I will have you know that
 I am a member of the Avengers,
 so would you kindly make your leave?
 You’re only going to be in my way.”



     ” With good reason! You’re acting like a psycho.
        Besides we are only worried about you; you don’t
        even crack stupid jokes anymore. And If you have nothing
        to hide, then why not agree to the tests? They’d leave you alone.

"You already did your blasted tests on me,
 and the results showed that I am still me!”

    [Thanks to you button pushing monkeys being too
          stupid to notice the slight brain anomaly.

"What more can I do to prove that I am the one, true Spider-Man?
 You want my birth certificate?! My DNA? Wolverine to use his badger senses?!”



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Their Questions:
If you were offered a shot to write your muse in canon, would you?
Yes, definitely.
Would you voice act your character if given the chance?
Maybe. But only for the helluva it because I don’t think my voice would be a good fit.
What is your character’s favorite book?
One of his favorites is Flim-Flam! by James Randi.
What languages does your character speak?
English and Russian.
Has your character ever been in jail?
Many times.
Does your character DESERVE to be in jail?
Yes. Unless being a super villain is okay nowadays.
Does your character have a “type”?
If your character could kill any one person without repercussion, who would it be?
Hm… Kaine Parker.
Who is your character’s best friend?
Anna Maria Marconi.
Who is your character’s worst enemy?
Who is your character’s role model?
He doesn’t have any.

My questions:
  1. I’m
  2. Breaking
  3. The
  4. Rules
  5. What
  6. Are
  7. You
  8. Gonna
  9. Do
  10. About
  11. It?
I tag: Still breaking the rules because I can’t be bothered.



"Well I haven’t seen you in a while, pal, 
so I thought  I’d come check out this 
'Spider Island' of yours (which is totally 
insane, by the way).”

"You could’ve made
 an appointment instead of activating
 all of the islands defenses!”



"Fair enough, besides you just failed.
Trust me, if I wanted to do something behind your back, 
I would have already done it. No need to ask for 
permission. What the hell is the matter with you anyways?
You need to take a chill pill.”

"Me? It is you (Avengers) who
 have become wary of me! You’re all trying to
 look inside my head and/or meddle in my personal affairs!”


*eyetwitch* cut your posts pls. pls.